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aerial above canal and BF Garage Shaun McGinnis.JPG

The Bridges of Bellows Falls, VT
Connecting the Past, Present, and Future

This Blog will explore the history of the many bridges of Bellows Falls and Rockingham, Vermont, while providing up-to-date information on the Vermont Agency of Transportation's replacement of the Depot Street Bridge scheduled to begin in 2025.

Island House trainyeard before Arch Bridge with covered bridge circled.jpg

The first Depot Street Bridge was a wooden covered bridge connecting Canal Street with the Island of Bellows Falls.

Depot street bridge arched railing.jpg

The steel arch bridge shown above replaced the covered bridge over the Bellows Falls Canal. 

1909 New Canal Bridge.jpg

The "new" (and still standing) Depot Street Bridge, shown here connecting to Canal Street, was built in 1909.

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